Vts utility

The vts is a versatile command line utility used to manage the storage and to do basic troubleshooting.

The vts supports multiple commands. The general call syntax when using vts looks like:

vts --path <path to vts entity to work with> --command=<command-name> [command-specific-options]

As --path is also a first positional argument and --command=<command-name> can be abbreviated to --<command-name>, the usual shortened call syntax is:

vts <path to vts entity to work with> --<command-name> [command-specific-options]

For each command, --path has a different meaning specified in command description.

All known commands are listed in vts --help or vts --help-all. For command-specific help use vts --help-<command-name>.

Other commands


Default vts command - info is assumed when calling vts <path>. Gives information about underlaying entity: * tileset: number of various types of tiles with (with higher verbosity) * storage: structure of the storage * storage view: path to underlaying storage, used tilesets.

Path to VTS entity to examine.
Verbosity, may be used multiple times.


Returns map configuration of tileset/storage/storage view at path. Useful for debugging invalid storage views.

Path to VTS entity to dump map configuration for.