VTSD (VTS-Deamon) is an HTTP server for streaming static surfaces and map configuration delivery with nginx-like configuration

For the first time setup it is recommended to install and run VTSD as a part of VTS Backend package or using Docker container which takes care of configuring and running the server.

How it works

Once running, it behaves similarly as nginx webserver. If you access an URL matching location where dataset is set to true (which is the default), VTS will try to open underlaying filesystem path as:

  • storage - looking for a storage.conf within a directory,
  • tileset - looking for a tileset.conf within a directory,
  • or storage view (parsing given path as JSON).

VTSD will return map configuration for the first entity it successfully opens. If none of above succeeds, VTSD will return a directory listing of underlaying path if configured to do so.