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VTS 3D Geospatial Software Stack is a state-of-the-art, full-stack open source platform for 3D geospatial application development. Consisting of 3D streaming backend components and of JavaScript and C++ frontend libraries, VTS provides for interactive 3D rendering of geospatial content on the Web, on the desktop or on mobile. VTS is designed and engineered at Melown Technologies.

The highlights of VTS 3D Stack are:

  • complete open source system fro 3D maps streaming and rendering
  • massively scalable and performance-oriented
  • server-side data intergration tools
  • dynamic DEM/DSM streaming
  • GDAL raster and OGR vectors with stylesheets
  • streams and renders photogrammetric 3D models (I3S, VEF, LODTree)
  • WMS/WMTS and Mapbox vector tile support
  • coordinate system agnostic with seamless polar caps
  • reliance on existing open source libraries (GDAL, PROJ4) and standards


The entire VTS 3D Stack is open source under the BSD 2-clause license.

Downloading VTS

The sources are available at GitHub/melowntech. For easier instalation, Melown Technologies provide binary packages of all backend components for latest Ubuntu LTS. There is also a convenience package with basic configuration for all componets allowing to install the whole stack using just a single package.

Alternatively, the VTS 3D Stack components can be run using Docker.

To obtain mapconfig for development with VTS client APIs, you can:

Melown Cloud

Melown Cloud is a cloud 3D map development platform operated by Melown Tech atop of VTS 3D Stack. It is a point-and-click interface to a subset of VTS functionality ideal for smaller projects and less technically savvy users.

It is also a great source of custom mapconfigs for client application development.